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Home Inspections, Radon Gas & Water Testing in NC & FL

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Home Inspections

Discover the items that will be covered during your home inspection. You will love our digital reports.

Home InspectionsMore Info

Radon Testing

Radon Gas is and odorless, colorless killer. Get more info about the #2 cause of lung cancer in the USA.

Radon Gas TestingMore Info

Water Testing

Do you know whats in your water? Bacteria and other contaminants could make you sick! Test to be sure.

Well Water TestingMore Info

Maintenance Inspections

Common wisdom always says that it is cheaper to maintain than to replace.

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Commercial Inspections

Our inspectors bring years of field experience inspecting commercial buildings .

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Mountains To Sea Inspections – Providing Home Inspections & Commercial Inspections in NC & FL

Mountains To Sea Inspections has four locations to serve our clients needs based on location. You are currently on our main company site which will provide general information on all our home inspection services.  Region specific information and all online scheduling is now located on the individual city pages.  The links for those offices are located below.  Please let us know if you have further questions by contacting us here.

Home Inspections in North Carolina and Florida

Mountains to Sea Inspections started business in the Asheville North Carolina market in 2013 and was founded by two general contractors, Brian Barrett and Shannon Williams, who wanted to bring their knowledge of construction to the home inspections market. Since that time Mountains to Sea Inspections has provided thousands of home inspection reports to not only pre-purchase home inspection clients but pre-listing clients and commercial investor clients.

It is our attention to detail and deep knowledge of construction from the footer to the roof that ensures that our clients fully understand a property’s good points and bad points before purchasing. The attention to detail and affordable pricing has allowed us to expand our geographic area and continue to provide these inspection services for more and more clients.

Each one of the cities that we perform home inspections in has its own website which will detail the individual services that are available in the cities and the fee structure for these home inspection services. The links for these home inspection offices can be found here and in other locations across the website. Our general website will now focus on the basics of a home inspection and the various other home inspection services that can be provided. Should you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact us.

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Home Inspections

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Home Inspection Checklist - MTS Inspections

What Is A Home Inspection?

So, the first question to answer, is what is a home inspection? A home inspection is a thorough examination of a home’s exterior grading, structure, plumbing system, heating and cooling system, and electrical system in addition to exterior finishes, roofing materials and the proper installation of a home’s countless other elements.

At Mountains to Sea Inspections, we spend the vast majority of our time looking at these systems and not cosmetic issues which are quite visible and easy for our clients to pick out. We want to focus on what we consider the big ticket items and those items which are not seen as a client looks at a home with their real estate agent.

It should be noted that while these inspections are exhaustive we are limited by what is visible and accessible at the time of inspection and the current conditions of the property as they exist at the time of inspection. State ordinances will not allow a home inspector to deconstruct or otherwise alter a property in order to complete an inspection.

Click Here For More Info - Whats Covered In a Home Inspection!

How Is The Home Inspection Report Delivered?

How is the home inspection report delivered? At Mountains to Sea Inspections, we utilize the HomeGauge Reporting Software. This reporting software allows our home inspectors to produce a high quality digital report that not only allows to insert marked up photo details with a text description, but also allows for the insertion of videos and other customization to provide the most detailed home inspection reports in the market.

These digital reports are delivered into your inbox, generally within 24 to 36 hours of the completion of your home inspection. Once you receive the notification email you can view the report in PDF format, share the report with sub-contractors for estimating and can even prepare a repair request from the report. This is an extremely helpful feature that helps our clients and their real estate agents prepare a request of the items that must be addressed based on the home inspection report.

Your report will be saved on HomeGauge’s secure server and may be viewed 24/7/365 and may be utilized by the original client as needed, when needed.

Click Here Here To View A Sample Home Inspection Report!
Radon Gas Testing - MTS Inspections

Why Should I Test For Radon Gas?

What is Radon Gas? Radon gas is a colorless, odorless and tasteless gas that is prevalent in the natural environment. Radon gas is created through the degradation of uranium. Uranium is found in igneous rock, such as granite, and soil, and can also be found in well water.

Why You Should Test For Radon Gas! According to the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency and the Surgeon General’s Office, radon gas is responsible for approximately 20,000 lung cancer deaths each and every year in the United States. Behind smoking, radon gas is the number two cause of lung cancer in the U.S. and costs over $2 billion dollars per year in both direct and indirect health care costs.

Radon Gas is easy to test for, so why not have your radon gas test performed today and remove any doubt about the air quality in your home. Radon gas is also easy to mitigate for, but you have to know that it is there!

Learn More About Radon Gas Testing!
Water Testing - MTS Inspections

Whats In That Glass of Water?
Why You Should Test Your Water

In the U.S. we are spoiled in that when we get thirsty we simply walk to the sink and turn on the tap and get a drink of water. But, do you stop to think whats else is in the water?

Water can contain contaminates such as E. coli and bacteria that can make you very sick and in rare cases, KILL YOU! Besides making you sick your water can stain your plumbing fixtures, cause accelerated deterioration of plumbing systems and lead to costly repairs.

The good thing is water testing is relatively inexpensive and can provide a wealth of information about what is contained in that glass of water. Water testing can range from a simple E. coli test & bacteria test, to make sure it is safe to drink, all the way up to a well scan that can provide further information such as concentrations of nitrites, nitrates, iron, copper, lead and also tell you the pH, the turbidity and levels of chlorine.

Stop guessing about the contents of your water and have a water test performed today!

Learn More About Water Testing

Commercial Property Inspections

At Mountains To Sea Inspections, we are well known for our residential home inspections, but did you know we have been performing commercial building inspections as well? Drawing from years of construction experience in the retirement and hospitality construction industry, our commercial property inspectors know the difference between your commercial building and your home. Make sure you choose an inspector who brings that field experience to your next commercial investment property.

While home inspections in Asheville can follow a pricing structure based on square footage, commercial property inspections are as varied as the available properties in the market and a fixed pricing platform simply will not work. Contact us today and let our experienced team customize an inspection and price that is right for your commercial inspection needs.

Learn More About Commercial Property Inspections
Commercial Property Inspections - MTS Inspections
Annual Home Maintenance Inspections

Annual Home Maintenance Inspections

We spent $100,000’s of dollars buying our homes and yet we spend less time and effort maintaining these investments then we do our cars!

Your home is just like any other machine. It must be maintained and cared for to keep it running as long and as efficiently as possible. Thats why Mountains to Sea Inspections provides annual home maintenance inspections on variety of tiers to meet any budget.

Items Investigated During Maintenance Inspection

  • Roof Inspection

    Roof Inspection

    The roof is quite possibly the single most important element that protects your investment. Tiny leaks and missing shingles could lead to costly water damage and expensive replacements. Or, if caught early could be a cheap repair!

  • Electrical & Plumbing

    Electrical & Plumbing

    Are all your electrical safety devices working? Have you looked recently to make sure your plumbing valves are not leaking?

  • Foundation Inspection

    Foundation Inspection

    You could avoid catastrophic foundation issues if you have your foundation periodically inspected for settlement issues!

  • HVAC Inspection

    HVAC Inspection

    Your largest consumer of power may not be running as efficiently as you think. Just because its running does not mean its running well. A properly tuned HVAC system will run years longer and for less $$$.

  • Water Infiltration Inspection

    Water Infiltration

    One of the most damaging items we discover during the course of inspection is moisture problems which can lead to structural problems and environmental hazards such as mold.

Not Just Home Inspections We Know Construction

Our inspectors have YEARS of experience in the construction industry. Need referrals to qualified sub-contractors and remodelers, just ask!

What Our Clients Are Saying

Very detailed, thorough report and all delivered in a very timely manner. The full report was ready in less than 24 hours from the inspection more
rosi ware
rosi ware
20:02 09 Jan 20
Paul was knowledgeable, professional, and prompt. He spent time during the inspection pointing out and discussing items that were very good as well as those that concerned him. His report was prepared and delivered the following day. This was the second inspector that we have worked with through Mountains to Seas and based on our experience with them we highly recommend this more
Martha Anderson
Martha Anderson
18:37 09 Jan 20
Our inspector was a delight -- thorough, knowledgeable, trustworthy, punctual, completely professional. Cannot recommend them highly enough!read more
Deanna Kreisel
Deanna Kreisel
18:50 03 Jan 20
Working with Erik Sorensen was a very positive experience. Erik was prompt, thorough and detailed. The report he generated was extensive and his attention to detail aided us in the negotiation process. He was respectful of our home and our pets, too! Because I was at work and unable to tend to this detail I made a request of Erik related to the radon inspection. He was kind enough to take time to open the windows in our home to ensure our parakeets could have the fresh air they were used to once the radon inspection was complete. Thank you very much Erik. I would use your services again and recommend you without a second more
Mary Osada Cook
Mary Osada Cook
12:40 08 Sep 19
Maury did a very thorough job inspecting a home I was looking at purchasing! He carefully went through every part of the house, including places such as the attic where the seller's pre-inspector did not go. I'll be using these guys again as I continue the search!read more
Joseph Belka
Joseph Belka
22:59 03 Aug 19
The inspection process went smoothly from beginning to end. Robert was very kind, easy to talk to, and very thorough with the inspection. Any and all questions, or concerns were addressed promptly, and we left with more knowledge about the house and comfort in the buying process than we could have hoped for. Would highly recommend anyone going with Mountains to Sea for any inspection more
Misha Lee
Misha Lee
14:44 21 Jul 19
Mountains to Sea Inspections performed a pre-inspection report to help us identify areas that needed repair so that we could get our family home in shape to sell in a highly competitive market. The inspector was experienced, professional and very thorough. His report was organized, well written, comprehensive and included lots of pictures. Whether you're buying or getting ready to sell your home, call this company to get a thorough analysis of the condition of your home and more
Terri Bowman
Terri Bowman
21:52 05 Jul 19
Brian at Mountain To Sea Inspections has been nothing but a pleasure to work with. We landed on a price upfront, and when the project turned out to be bigger (longer) than expected he happily and professionally handled it in strides. Reporting was very detailed and the software he uses makes it easy to notate and share the data, and he delivered it very quickly. He allowed me to follow him around for two days straight sharing with me his findings, and making recommendations of fixes and/or providing referrals for professional intervention when required. Would absolutely use more
Todd Blackstone
Todd Blackstone
17:40 11 Jun 19
Brian did a thorough inspection and patiently explained to us the issues he found and how they could be mitigated. He was friendly, professional and obviously an experienced inspector. I highly recommend Mountain to Sea more
Mark Burns
Mark Burns
11:40 06 Jun 19
Mountains to Sea Inspections performed a pre-inspection report to help us identify areas that needed repair so that we could get our family home in shape to sell in a highly competitive market. The inspector was experienced, professional and very thorough. His report was organized, well written, comprehensive and included lots of pictures. Whether you're buying or getting ready to sell your home, call this company to get a thorough analysis of the condition of your home and more
Terri Bowman
Terri Bowman
04:43 06 Jun 19
Thorough, complete, clear, professional and incredibly helpful! I highly recommend MTS Inspections.
Gillian Tart-Snyder
Gillian Tart-Snyder
22:42 05 Jun 19
Would absolutely use these guys again!! Brian completed our inspection and found multiple issues (much to the sellers' chagrin). We were able to renegotiate the price of the house because of Brian's hard work. If we need to complete the inspection process again, we will 100% be asking MTS to do it for us. They were awesome and worth every more
Meredith Foley
Meredith Foley
21:15 20 Apr 19
Brian was EXTREMELY thorough, as an inspector should be. He was also friendly & responded to emails & texts promptly. I hired MTS to drive all the way up to my area, since they were HIGHLY recommended. It was well worth the extra expense. Brian saved me from purchasing a fixer upper that turned out to be a disaster. Then, on the next house, he gave it a thumbs up, but showed me a handful of things that needed to be done asap, and others that should be fixed when I can get to them.I highly recommend these people!!!read more
Stephanie P
Stephanie P
11:35 08 Apr 19
My wife met with our Home Inspector Brian for a thorough review of a house we were looking to purchase. And this is where she comes in on the evaluation. “Brian is amazing! He was to the point, thorough, crawled into areas a mouse couldn’t fit, gave very direct answers to all my questions, let me follow him without concern. I’m the inquisitive one in the household and really need to understand the existing foundation in preparation for renovations and stability purposes. Brian arrived on target and didn’t leave until he finished the job and addressed all my concerns. The bonus point for me, where Brian really struck gold, is he had the final report in my hand within 24 hours! Who does that now days!! He isn’t the slightest bit intimidated, wish washy or elusive. I love this guy. If you hire him - you will not have a single regret. Beyond worth the price of inspection.” C. Roseread more
David Warmerdam
David Warmerdam
13:39 02 Mar 19
Erik was amazing and very professional. He did a complete and thorough inspection. I learned a ton of information about the inspection process and anything that needed to be further reviewed. As a future home owner, I appreciate his attention to detail, knowledge base, and being able to explain it. I highly recommend Mountains To Sea Inspections, and especially Erik. Thanks again!read more
Sarah Davis
Sarah Davis
15:21 06 Feb 19
Brian completed the inspection like it was his own home. Highly recommend!!
Karli Ruscoe
Karli Ruscoe
00:38 25 Jan 19
Great inspector and awesome documentation. Shannon answered all my questions and was very knowledgeable. I feel good that I used him before moving into my new more
Sydney Epter
Sydney Epter
14:34 17 Jan 19
Brian did an outstanding job. His inspection was very comprehensive and made it possible to have descrepent items corrected prior to us purchasing our home. Would certainly use him more
03:42 17 Dec 18
Very happy with Brian’s inspection! He was prompt, thorough, polite and informative. He explained his results while still on-site and emailed his report the following day. I wouldn’t hesitate to use Mountains To Sea again!read more
Kathleen Miller
Kathleen Miller
14:14 12 Dec 18
Mountain to Sea was very professional, courteous and knowledgeable. We used them twice for inspections of homes. The information we obtained from their inspections was invaluable to us. We definitely rcommend Mountain to Sea more
Leslie Weil
Leslie Weil
01:01 02 Dec 18
Brian did a phenomenal job! He was not only thorough during the walk through and in the report, he took the time on multiple occasions to talk to me about the results. He was one of the most indispensable and key parts of my home buying process and I couldn't have been happier with his work and patience with all of my questions!!read more
Meg Roy
Meg Roy
15:00 27 Nov 18
They provide a very thorough inspection with a clear report that is easy to read.
Sara Plum
Sara Plum
23:24 09 Nov 18
Eric was absolutely great! Very thorough inspection that saved me from buying a property that had a lot of hidden issues. Will certainly use them again!read more
Teresa Karnezis
Teresa Karnezis
02:37 18 Oct 18
I was duly impressed with the care and professionalism that Erik had when inspecting a home I am under contract on. Five star all the way for Erik and Mountain to Sea!read more
Pat Johnson
Pat Johnson
15:07 14 Oct 18
I'm a real estate agent and have used Erik a number of times. He always does a great job and is very thorough. His communication is excellent and he takes time to explain more
David Robb
David Robb
15:02 01 Oct 18
We were able to get an appointment on the books very quickly. Erik came out and explained everything to us, answering all of our questions. The report was very thorough. Lots of pictures of everything. The online report review is very user more
Leah Jones
Leah Jones
17:58 10 May 18
Working with Mountains to Sea Inspections was a great experience! Their website makes setting up the inspection a breeze, by notifying the proper folks about inspection time and date. They went above and beyond to yehe out throughout the more
Justin Salvetti
Justin Salvetti
13:18 27 Mar 18
Professional, thorough and prompt. The inspector, Brian, took the time to answer any questions I had. I would highly recommend this more
Dorie Charnin
Dorie Charnin
11:11 09 Mar 18
Brian is amazing! very professional and goes the extra mile. If you need an inspection done right he is the guy to call.
Joshua Sindy
Joshua Sindy
00:08 18 Feb 18
Shannon took his time and gave me a thorough inspection. He was very helpful addressing any questions I had as well. He communicates well and has a friendly and professional demeanor. I would not hesitate to recommend Mountains to Sea to any of my friends. Great job!read more
Donnie Harris
Donnie Harris
19:17 30 Nov 17
These people are the consummate professionals. They provided a very detailed inspection report, that clearly covered every facet of the home we are purchasing. They were then quick to respond to questions and to provide additional details, when requested. The home they inspected was the third home I have purchased in the past ten years, and their inspection was, by far, the most thorough and detailed. This all gives me great confidence as I approach the closing on this home. I am very thankful we found themread more
Scott Cornwell
Scott Cornwell
20:57 31 Oct 17

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Mountains To Sea Inspections has three offices in NC, Asheville, Boone & New Bern NC, and our office in Gainesville, FL

Happy Homeowners - Mountains to Sea Inspections

Mountains to Sea Inspections was founded by by two licensed NC General Contractors, Brian Barrett and Shannon Williams, who both brought a unique construction background to the home inspections industry. Brian, brought years of residential construction experience. While Shannon, brought years of commercial construction experience.

From that point forward we have staked our reputation on the fact that every inspector we bring into the field must have an extensive background in the construction industry. We have always felt that it is simply not enough to take a class and pass a test! Each and every one of our inspectors knows the intimate details of how a structure goes together from the digging of the building’s footers to the installation of the roof’s ridge cap and everything in between.

This deep knowledge has allowed us to successfully complete 1000’s of home inspection reports and save our clients countless dollars in home repairs and many sleepless nights worrying about the condition of their home. That is why we are one of the most reviewed and highest rated inspections companies in the market. Put our knowledge and reputation to work for you.

"At Mountains to Sea Inspections, we know your home better from the footer to the roof than anyone..."

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