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Lets face it, Radon Gas and its impacts are well documented and more home owners and home buyers in the Asheville and Boone areas are becoming aware of how easy it is to perform radon testing. They are also becoming more aware of the treatments and radon mitigation services for removing, or at least lowering, the levels of this very harmful gas. The videos below from the EPA might help introduce you to Radon Gas and Radon Testing.

Certified Radon Inspectors Asheville

Inspector Nation is the first ISO certified (ISO 17024:2012 compliant) and nationally recognized trainer for radon inspectors. As radon becomes a more recognized concern for the interior air quality of your home and health and safety of your family, there became a need to make sure that all radon inspectors were testing appropriately and providing accurate and timely test results.

At Mountains To Sea Inspections, we are proud to announce that all of our home inspectors have attended these certification classes and that 100% of our inspectors have become Certified Radon Inspectors. Make sure before you have your radon test performed at your home that you certify that your home inspector is a Certified Radon Inspector.

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