How is that roof?

How much damage did that tree actually do to the roof when it fell? If anything of size hits your roof and causes shingle damage, it should be checked out by a licensed general contractor, home inspector, or structural engineer, depending on the severity. This roof has a shingle replacement, but no structural repairs were observed inside. Maybe it was …

Broken Seal On Window

Foggy Windows And Broken Seals – Home Inspection Items

There are countless articles on the internet concerning cloudy windows, but I felt I had to say something, because we see it ALL the time. The greatest disadvantage in cloudy windows is the hazing between the panes of glass. Some of the time this is only observable in the mornings, after that point it vanishes for whatever remains of the …

Discounts Available For Your Next Home Inspection

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New Advertisement For Asheville and Boone NC Home Inspections

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Plumbing Repairs?

Things We See When Inspecting Homes Around Asheville & Boone

The Things We See As Home Inspectors Folks please remember that tape is generally not considered the appropriate repair for a leaky sink drain. This little jewel along with many other problems are why you should never buy property without a home inspection.

Our New Home Inspections Video Marketing Campaign Has Begun

So, here is the first of what will be many videos this year. They will have a 2 prong approach. One, expanding our name recognition as being the go to company in both Asheville and Boone when it comes to home inspection services. Two, as a means of providing promotional messages and coupons for our home inspection company’s inspection services …

Yet More Proof That Radon Gas Should Be Tested For

Radon gas is everywhere and we always recommend performing a test on your residence or one you are considering for purchase to make sure that the concentrations are below the EPA’s action levels (4.0pCi/l).  Here is an article from NBC News that helps shed a little more light on the subject. Ohhh ya and the evils of fracking!!! article html: …