Home Maintenance Inspections in Asheville

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In a previous blog post, we mentioned the fact that we provide home maintenance inspections in Asheville in addition to our affordable home inspections in Asheville. In this post we want to delve a little deeper into what is covered during a home inspection.

Maintenance Items We Review

Roof Covering & Roof Structure

In most instances our home inspectors will be able to access the roof of your home and report on any damage to shingles from wear or storm damage. For homes where the roofs are either to high off the ground, the pitch is to steep or on days when bad weather prevents us from walking the roof, we will view your roof with binoculars, from the ground and from windows where they provide a good view of the roof. Our home inspector will also inspect the the roof framing, insulation and visible wiring while in the attic. We will make recommendations that could help identify a safety issue or one that might increase efficiency.

Heating & Cooling System

Your home's heating and cooling system uses more energy than any appliance in your home and if not running properly wastes energy and burns up your money. Our certified home inspectors in Asheville will test your home's HVAC system to insure that it is running with in acceptable tolerances. We will test not only your heat pump and air handler, but we will also fire up the back up furnace to make sure your ready for the really cold nights. If you choose one of higher tier home maintenance inspections, we will schedule one the of the HVAC specialists we work with to meet us at your home during the inspection and perform a full service on your HVAC system and make sure your refrigerant levels are normal.

Plumbing & Electrical

Are all your GFCI circuits working as intended? What is a GFCI circuit? Let our home inspectors in Asheville point you in the right direction and provide answers for all your questions. Our home inspector will operate your plumbing valves, check your electrical outlets, where visible they will check your plumbing lines and electrical conduits in the crawlspace or basement. MTS Inspections will then provide you with a digital homeguage report with images and descriptive text to indicate needed repairs.

I am reminded of a home inspection in Asheville one time where I crawled up underneath a home for a client. I crawled to about mid-point of the home and discovered a leaking hose bib. This leak had been happening for a long time based on the damaged insulation and mold growths that had formed. Obviously, the home owner had no idea of the problem and was so happy we found it so that it could be fixed before any more damage occurred.

Foundations & Framing

Foundations are admittedly one of the most important structures that support your home. During your maintenance inspection in Asheville we will look at your home's foundation to make sure we do not see any troubling signs of settlement or failure. In the event we discover a structural crack we might recommend the installation of a crack monitor that we can check on our next scheduled maintenance inspection.
Your home's framing is the skeletal frame that holds everything else up. We will observe and report on any issues we may discover with your home's framing and steps you might take to remedy the problem.
Remember, if we can catch issues early, it may help you avoid a very expensive repair later.