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Home Inspections New Bern NC

Serving New Bern, Grantsboro, Arapahoe, Vanceboro and Surrounding Areas

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Home Inspections

Your Biggest Investment, Deserves The Best Inspection. The most complete inspections at the best price.

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Radon Testing

Insure the air in your home is safe! Have it periodically tested, because radon varies over time.

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Water Testing

Make sure that your well or spring water is safe to drink! We offer three levels of water testing.

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Pest Inspections

Otherwise known as the Wood Destroying Insect Report. Your pest inspector will be looking for bugs that love wood.

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Commercial Inspections

Commercial property inspections, our inspectors bring years of field experience.

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New Bern Home Inspections

Welcome to Mountains to Sea Inspection’s newest inspections office in coastal Carolina located in New Bern NC. Our New Bern inspections office provides home inspections, commercial property inspections, radon gas testing, and water testing. Our New Bern office is run and operated by Maury Owens who brings decades of construction experience to every inspection he performs and continues our mantra: At Mountains to Sea Inspections we know your home better from the footer to the roof than anyone in the home inspections industry.  We do this while providing a quality digital home inspection report at an affordable price.

Our New Bern home inspections office will be covering quite an area from Grantsboro in the East, to Arapahoe in South, over to Vanceboro in the North and Pollocksville in the West.  Our inspectors are willing to drive to make sure you get the best home inspection no matter the distance.  Don’t see an area listed? Do not hesitate to give us a call or contact us here, we most likely cover where you are.

The Best Home Inspectors in New Bern

Mountains to Sea Inspections was founded by two General Contractors in Asheville NC in 2013 and it was their primary desire to bring their construction experience to the inspections industry, because they always felt that simply passing a certification test was simply not enough to provide accurate inspections on properties that represent the largest investment most people make in a lifetime.

Curious to see what your home inspection report might look like? Click here to view a sample home inspection report. You can also see what’s included in a home inspection report by checking our home inspections checklist here.

Let us bring this experience to the table for your next home inspection. Our motto at Mountains To Sea Inspections is, “Your Biggest Investment Deserves The Best Inspection” So, whether this is your first home or tenth, let our home inspectors near you give you peace of mind about your next home.

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Mountains To Sea Inspections is the best New Bern home inspection service

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If you need radon testing done in New Bern NC, don't hesitate to call Mountains To Sea Inspections

Radon Testing in New Bern

Lets face it, Radon Gas, a odorless, and colorless gas, and its impacts are well documented and more home owners and home buyers in the New Bern, Arapahoe and other costal Carolina areas are becoming aware of how easy it is to perform radon testing in New Bern. At Mountains to Sea Inspections, we rely on digital monitors that sample the air column every hour and measure not only the concentration of radon gas, but also the relative humidity, barometric pressure, temperature and whether the test has been tampered with. The public is also becoming more aware that the mitigation for radon gas is extremely successful in removing, or at least lowering, the levels of this very harmful gas. However, before you can mitigate you need to know its there and at what concentration. Please note that radon testing is a add-on service and is not included in the pricing of your standard home inspections report.

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Pest Inspections in New Bern

When buying a home, we at Mountain To Sea Inspections strongly recommend performing a Pest Inspection and receiving a full Wood Destroying Insect Report (WDIR) in conjunction with your home inspection to get a full view of the condition of the home. During the pest inspection in New Bern, your certified pest inspector will be looking for signs of both active and inactive infestations of termites, powder post beetles, old house borers and other pests that love wood. We strongly recommend having a WDIR performed one of the many pest inspections companies in the New Bern area. Simply give your pest inspections company the date and time of your scheduled home inspection in the area and we will gladly provide access to the pest inspectormaking your appointment.

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The professionals at Mountains To Sea Inspections recommend performing a WDIR.
At Mountains To Sea Inspections water testing.

Water Testing in
New Bern

Many residences do not have access to a public or community water systems that are regulated by the State of NC, but rely on wells and spring fed water sources. Make sure that water is safe by testing it. At MTS Inspections we not only provide the basic Ecoli & Bacteria well water testing, but can also provide the more comprehensive Well Scan water testing if mineral content, pH and other items are of importance. Ask yourself this one question, Is Your Drinking Water Safe?

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Commercial Property Inspections

At Mountains To Sea Inspections, we are well known for our residential home inspections, but did you know we have been performing commercial building inspections as well? Drawing from years of construction experience in the retirement and hospitality construction industry, our commercial property inspectors know the difference between your commercial building and your home. Make sure you choose an inspector who brings that field experience to your next commercial investment property.
While home inspections in New Bern can follow a pricing structure based on square footage, commercial property inspections are as varied as the available properties in the market and a fixed pricing platform simply will not work. Contact us today and let our experienced team customize an inspection and price that is right for your commercial inspection needs.

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Commercial property inspections from Mountains to Sea Inspections

Not Just New Bern Home Inspections We Know Construction

Our inspectors have YEARS of experience in the construction industry. Need referrals to qualified sub-contractors and remodelers, just ask!

Your Go To Source For Inspections

Mountains To Sea Inspections has three offices in NC, Asheville, Boone & New Bern NC, and one office in Gainesville, FL

New Bern Service Area

Mountains To Sea Inspections has our main home inspections office in Asheville, but are third home inspections location in New Bern, NC services New Bern, Arapahoe and surrounding areas and can be found on Facebook, and Four Square. If you prefer a more personalized experience you can contact us at  (828)450-3425.

You do not have to settle for just any local home inspector, because Mountains To Sea Inspections covers such a large area and always places a 5 Star rated home inspector in your next home to make sure there are no surprises. As always if you have further questions or need assistance please contact us with the form below or clicking contact us right here.

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