Making the Deal Happen

Making the Deal Happen

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Why are home inspection services so important to those who are buying and selling homes?

In a technical sense, home inspectors are making sure that everything works on a property and taking a kind of checklist approach to home systems – heating and cooling, appliances and more.

Beyond that, though, the home inspector is really helping to shepherd and facilitate the process of making a deal.

In Asheville, North Carolina or any other hot market, deal-making is everything. Real estate deals get done every day, and a good portion of them also fall flat along the way. Those deals that are done – or not done – depend largely upon the process of agreeing to a complex set of realities around a particular real estate property.

Environmental Hazards and Working Home Systems

Home inspectors have a long checklist. They have a large number of items to look for within a home. Some, as mentioned above, refer to poorly performing or non-functional appliances or home systems. Others have to do with environmental hazards.

Not all buyers and sellers understand at first why environmental hazards and other aspects of a seller’s disclosure form make a difference – but after you’ve been through a few real estate deals, you start to see how a good home inspector really helps a deal to come together – and how the lack of a qualified inspector can cause problems.

Looking over seller disclosure forms, the prospective buyer can either accept some of the realities on that sheet, or work on them with the seller through an agent. The home inspector will help govern that process by providing factual information on hazards such as lead, radon and asbestos as well as common water damage issues, etc.

Many of these key tests can be waived, and many agents will recommend waiving them to their clients, so that they can make a deal. But this kind of cutting corners doesn’t work for everyone. The buyer has to decide whether they are so determined to have the deal done that they will waive some of these inspections, or whether they are stuck on proceeding safely through the entire process, even if that means losing out on the sale or purchase.

The seller, by contrast, often doesn’t want to hold up the deal. The seller will be focused on selling at all costs, and trying to expedite through many of the environmental hazard inspections.

At Mountains to Sea Inspections, we help all the stakeholders come together and have a real and vibrant understanding of conditions on the ground. That means the deal will go through, or it will promptly be set back. It won’t exist in a gray area or limbo, with confusion and frustration on the part of all parties involved. That type of clarity is worth a lot in a real estate process – because the involved parties want a clear road map and assessment of their options.