How Universities Can Use AI Chatbots to Connect with Students and Drive Success

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More research on AI-driven chatbot models like ChatGPT, Bard, and LLaMa is necessary. One field requiring research and development that will be useful for teachers is the accessibility of fine-tuning LLMs with specific course information. Although methods that require less expensive hardware are being developed (Dettmers et al., 2023), it is still inaccessible to the general public without costly computers. AI and chatbots are continuing to develop at a rapid rate and will undoubtedly be a part of the future.

  • Furthermore, there is a need for understanding how users experience chatbots (Brandtzaeg & Følstad, 2018), especially when they are not familiar with such intervention (Smutny & Schreiberova, 2020).
  • It goes without saying that parents are always looking for the best playschools or daycare for their child.
  • While using questionnaires as an evaluation method, the studies identified high subjective satisfaction, usefulness, and perceived usability.
  • Chatbots in the education sector can help collect feedback from all the stakeholders after each conversation or completion of every process.
  • Online education has always had its medium and scale, and while it does not require an introduction, it has gained a lot of popularity as a result of the COVID19.

Tracking the attendance of students, checking test papers, and assigning academic tasks to students are some common works that teachers and faculty staffs have to do. People prefer chatbots because of their ability to provide quick replies to simple questions. Being an integral part of the e-learning system, the education bot can send automated reminders to students about upcoming exams and submission dates, as well as registration deadlines for courses. Now you can automate your support service and let the bot respond to common FAQs asked by the students.

#1. Student FAQs and ongoing support

Ammar Adil is a lead software developer with Ellucian’s Applied Research team. Our solutions are designed to improve the efficiency of your business operations and enhance customer satisfaction. She has been a part of the content and product marketing game for almost 3 years. In her free time, she loves reading books and spending time with her dog-ter and her fur-friends. Chatbots can also be used to send reminders for book returns or overdue items, renew library materials, and suggest study guides or research methodologies.

education chatbot

They facilitate and adapt the contents of an educational program, they can even send the adapted program according to the student’s preferences. A chatbot represent an alternative to conventional education, here we share some cases of very effective uses that have already been launched. To start creating your own chatbot, register to use our platform and get started in less than a minute. I has been known for decades that in the same classroom, each student has different learning needs and interests. These answers, however, do not always come in the form of text, but sometimes constitute concrete actions, such as showing a video when a user asks for it, show a photograph, make a purchase, schedule an appointment, and much more.

A Great Teaching Assistant

A chatbot for education acts like a virtual teaching assistant that automates trivial tasks for students and makes the learning process more seamless. They are designed to answer student queries regarding lesson plans, course modules and other questions. Through this, educational institutions can leverage the power of AI and provide a smooth flow of communication to assist their students online. Chatbots can help educational institutions in data collection and analysis in various ways.

education chatbot

AI chatbots can also be used to conduct research on different topics, answer student’s questions, and provide relevant educational material. Higher education chatbot provides personalized and interactive AI-powered education, thus optimizing the learning experience and achieving the best outcomes. With the help of active listening capabilities, these bots allow educational institutes engage with their students and parents in real-time, 24/7, replying to their queries and offering instant assistance.

It then collects personal details for further correspondence, thus generating quality leads. Students around the world look for information that is readily available about a course they are looking to pursue. This chatbot template helps them by sharing details like what are the different courses available, who can apply for the courses and how to apply in a simple and interactive format. That will enable Stretch to avoid the pitfalls of ChatGPT and similar chatbots, which often spit out inaccurate or outdated information, said Richard Culatta, ISTE’s CEO, during a roundtable discussion and demonstration with reporters here. (For instance, a chatbot mimicking President Barack Obama inaccurately parroted his administration’s critics as his own views when talking to a reporter about the president’s record on K-12 education). ChatGPT can provide you with access to a wide range of resources, including study materials, practice exams, and educational videos.

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