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From time to time we like to do a simple question and answer session to help keep our clients and real estate agents up to date on the day to day operation of home inspectors in Gainesville Fl. Please remember that during a home inspection in Florida we look at 100's of inspection points and while most issues are common run of the mill issues, some can be quite serious.

These FAQs are meant to give you a brief look at just a few of the common items. If you have questions you would like to see in our next Frequently Asked Questions posting please contact us by clicking here and letting us know or comment directly at Facebook.

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FAQ - Home Inspectors in Gainesville Fl

Home Inspectors in Gainesville FL - FAQ for Halloween 2019

For this Halloween edition of the Frequently Asked Questions of home inspectors in Gainesville Fl, we thought we might tackle some of the scariest questions asked of home inspectors.  We will look deeply at some the scariest things we have seen during our time as home inspectors.

What Is the Scariest Plumbing Problem You Have Encountered?

Pex plumbing has been around since the 1980s and has revolutionized the way that homes are plumbed.  However, in the 1990s the company manufactured a series of pex plumbing fittings that have subsequently become the centerpiece of many plumbing failures and a class action lawsuit.

The problem was that these fittings contained "bad brass" this bad brass contained a very poor quality yellow brass.  This yellow brass, when exposed to running water, allowed the zinc in the pex fittings to seep out, causing a white residue to build up inside the pipe restricting flow and eventually causing the fittings to fail.

You can imagine what happens when a pressurized water fitting fails, it floods your house.  During a home inspection in Gainesville Fl, we will inspect to make sure we do not see these faulty fittings. If we discover these fittings in your home we will make a strong recommendation to have a licensed plumber come and take a look and see if it might be time to upgrade your plumbing system.

Pex Plumbing Recall
Bad Decks

Have You Seen Any Scary Decks?

Decks are by far and away one element of a home that we see SUPER SCARY problems on! Why are decks such a problem you might ask? Because they are frequently added by homeowners or handymen that do not know the proper framing techniques to insure a deck is safe.  They are also so scary because many are added after the home has been built so no inspections of any type are performed on the structure to ensure it is safe and most homeowners do not know until it is too late.

As professional home inspectors in Gainesville Fl, we make sure that any attached structures, such as decks, meet current framing standards to ensure that you, your family and your guests remain safe.

Any Spooky Mold Out There?

Oh boy, you better believe it! Mold and fungal formations on framing members, in sheetrock and permeated through insulation is more common than you can imagine.  The hot and humid climate in Gainesville FL just makes mold and fungal spores grow like crazy.

Remember, not every spore is toxic, but we always highly recommend that if your home inspection report shows any signs of mold or fungal growth that you have it professionally tested to determine what type of spores are present and at what concentrations. Heavy formations can make you, your family and your guests very sick.

Bad Mold on Framing
Scary Venting Problems

Any Items That Scared You to Death?

When it comes to items that are extremely high on our scary home inspection items list, proper venting, and elimination of Carbon Monoxide are at the TOP.  CO2 kills hundreds of people every year and sickens thousands more according to the CDC.

Most CO2 poisoning is a direct result of poorly installed and poorly maintained venting systems in homes utilizing gas appliances. At Mountains to Sea Inspections, we see countless venting mistakes during the course of our home inspections from improperly installed materials, venting with holes and gaps to venting that does not terminate to the exterior of the home.

It is imperative that your home inspector in Gainesville FL discover these errors prevent you, your family and your guests from coming down ill or even dying from carbon monoxide exposure.