Home Inspectors in Gainesville Fl- Halloween FAQ

Home Inspectors in Gainesville Fl – FAQ About Inspections

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From time to time we like to do a simple question and answer session to help keep our clients and real estate agents up to date on the day to day operation of home inspectors in Gainesville Fl. Please remember that during a home inspection in Florida we look at 100’s of inspection points and while most issues are common …

Kitchen Appliances - Value Added?

Which Kitchen Appliance Upgrades Are Right for You?

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Kitchen appliance upgrades don’t have to be expensive. Even a few minor – and CHEAP! – upgrades can result in a major increase in home value. You don’t need a half sub-zero fridge/half International Space Station with French Doors to drastically increase your home’s value AND make your life more convenient and fun. Here are the 3 best: Appliances might …

Limits of Home Inspections in Gainesville

Gainesville Home Inspections – Limits of Inspections & Setting Expectations

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Throughout the years, home inspectors in Gainesville have seen numerous debates emerge between customers and the inspectors they have employed to perform their home inspection. A large portion of these debates emerge because of a misconception of what the State of Florida considers the home inspectors’ responsibilities and the customer’s expectations based on what they have heard or been told. …