What matters in a home inspection report

What Really Matters in a Home Inspection Report

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This category includes large, visible defects of the property on sale. The home inspector may identify anything from structural failures to construction issues that could have a major impact on the immediate condition of the house. Next, you should look for minor features that could transform into major defects further down the road. It could be a leaky plumbing system, …

well water testing wnc

Well Water Testing in WNC

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The number one question we receive concerning well water testing in the Asheville real estate market is what kind of test should I perform? Follow these simple steps below to help you determine what water test is right for your circumstance. Lets start by seeing what type of testing is available. This will test for Total Coliform and E. coli. …

Which Kitchen Appliance Upgrades Are Right for You?

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If you’re buying a home, it can be quite a hassle to think about appliances during the complicated process. Amidst trying to find a house and qualify for a loan, you might not be thinking about what homes come with appliances or not, or the type of appliances you want. But on move-in day, you don’t want to get caught …

Home Maintenance Tips to Prepare for Winter

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Winter is just around the corner here in Western North Carolina and you may need to do some home maintenance to ensure that your house is ready for the cold winter months ahead. When you prepare your house before the cold arrives, you can help to prevent bigger problems for yourself later in the year. There are many things that …

How is that roof?

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How much damage did that tree actually do to the roof when it fell? If anything of size hits your roof and causes shingle damage, it should be checked out by a licensed general contractor, home inspector, or structural engineer, depending on the severity. This roof has a shingle replacement, but no structural repairs were observed inside. Maybe it was …