Limits of a Home Inspection - Boone

Boone Home Inspections – Limits of Home Inspections & Setting Expectations

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Note:This article was originally published in our Asheville home inspections blog – Asheville Home Inspections – Limits of Home Inspections & Setting Expectations but I thought the content was very useful to share at our Boone office as well. Over the years as a home inspector in Boone NC, we have seen many disputes arise between home inspection clients and …

Hockey Player Gets Cancer From Radon Gas

Former Hockey Star Says Radon Gas Caused Her Stage 4 Lung Cancer

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There Should be No Questions About Testing For Radon Gas in BooneThis article originally appeared in People Magazine If you have been shopping for a new home lately your Realtor may have mentioned radon gas to you. Radon gas, that odorless, colorless and tasteless gas that has been shown to cause lung cancer in humans with prolonged exposure to high …

Home Inspections Company Introduction

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We have completed our first personalized introduction video for Mountains To Sea Inspections. The transcript for the video can be found below: Home Inspections Company in Western North CarolinaHi everyone this is Brian Barrett with Mountains To Sea Inspections. We are a home inspections company with offices in Asheville and Boone, North Carolina, with a service area that covers most …

Home Inspector in Boone

Home Inspectors in Boone See Uptick In Demand

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As 2018 continues to move on, the good news for the real estate market in Boone, NC just keeps getting better.  As Boone’s real estate markets grow the demand for quality home inspectors in Boone also continues to grow. There are currently 14 home inspectors in Boone and the surrounding areas in Watauga County and approximately 5 home inspection companies …

Plumbing Repairs?

Things We See When Inspecting Homes Around Boone

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The Things We See As Home Inspectors Folks please remember that tape is generally not considered the appropriate repair for a leaky sink drain. This little jewel along with many other problems are why you should never buy property without a home inspection.

Yet More Proof That Radon Gas Should Be Tested For

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Radon gas is everywhere and we always recommend performing a radon gas test in Boone, whether on your residence or one you are considering for purchase to make sure that the concentrations are below the EPA’s action levels (4.0pCi/l).  Here is an article from NBC News that helps shed a little more light on the subject. Ohhh ya and the …