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Home Inspectors in Boone See Uptick In Demand

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As 2018 continues to move on, the good news for the real estate market in Boone, NC just keeps getting better.  As Boone’s real estate markets grow the demand for quality home inspectors in Boone also continues to grow. There are currently 14 home inspectors in Boone and the surrounding areas in Watauga County and approximately 5 home inspection companies around Boone according to Google Maps.  Let’s take a quick look at a couple of data points from Realtor.com that help shed some lite on the real estate market and conversely the home inspection market.

Median List Price in Boone NC

Look at the graph below. It shows the median list price of residential properties in the Boone, NC market over a 3yr period.

Median List Price in Boone NC - Oct 2018

Notice how the list prices remained relatively unchanged over a number of years until 2018? The rising list price is usually a good indicator of the increase in demand for real estate in a market.  As the demand for these properties increases, the demand for a quality home inspection in Boone increases. This is because it is rare in this day and age for real estate buyers not to perform a home inspection. However, it’s not just home inspections that are in high demand, but buyers have also become more knowledgeable about radon testing in Boone and the adverse effects that high concentrations of radon gas can have on our lungs.  We have provided more background information on radon gas and its effects here for those who are interested.  These two inspection items are the most requested home inspection services that Mountains To Sea Inspections receives in Western North Carolina.

Median Days On Market in Boone NC

Want to see another piece of information that enforces what we said above about demand? Here is a graph that shows the median number of days on market for residential property in Boone over the same time period as the chart above.

Days On Market Boone NC - Oct 2018

When you look at this graph you can not help but notice the steep decline in the number of days a property sits on the market as we progressed through 2018.  Lower days on market, coupled with an increasing median list price, can only point to one thing and that is a real estate market that is in demand.  I fully expect that these graphs will be changing over the next couple of months as we head towards winter and the Holiday season because these are typical times in which real estate transactions decline.  It should be noted though, that the seasonal swings are becoming more gradual.  However, at Mountains To Sea Inspections we are working to stay busy this winter as we transition from pre-purchase home inspections in Boone to helping existing homeowners stay on top of there maintenance responsibilities by providing residential maintenance inspections in the Boone NC market and continue to develop our offerings aimed at homeowner association maintenance inspections and capital reserve studies.  Interested to see how Mountains To Sea Inspection’s Residential Maintenance Inspection program can help you? I will be crafting a blog post on this topic in the next couple of days so stay tuned.