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After Your Home Inspection – Home Maintenance Inspections in Boone

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Let me describe the life cycle of an automobile for the average owner:

  • Research and purchase automobile
  • Drive like crazy
  • Change the oil
  • Rotate the tires
  • Send it in for periodic maintenance so it runs right
  • Sell

The anatomy of the life cycle of a home (severely condensed):

  • Research and purchase home
  • Use it hard, parties, life events, kids, etc…
  • Fix the roof when it springs a leak, recharge AC when it does not work, etc…
  • Sell

What is missing from the above scenario? No yearly or bi-annual maintenance inspection on the home!  Why is it that we spend time and money to maintain a vehicle that costs $10’s of thousands, but we will not do the same thing for the largest investment we own? Your home is just like any other mechanical machine that we own.  It needs the same TLC to make sure that it stays healthy and serves its purpose for many years to come.  Not to mention yearly or bi-annual maintenance inspections on your home can find deficiencies before they rear their ugly head, saving you not only time and money but the discomfort that comes when say your HVAC system dies…

Home Maintenance Inspections with Mountains To Sea Inspections

At Mountains To Sea Inspections, we offer several tiers of maintenance inspections depending on the level of service you are looking for. Here is a link to the home maintenance inspections we offer:


Maintenance Inspections Rates


These maintenance inspections can be as simple as us running through your home quickly and making sure we do not see any upcoming major repairs and that your home’s mechanical system is up to snuff.  Our home maintenance inspections can also be as involved as having an HVAC specialist service your HVAC system to make sure it is running as efficiently as possible, to inspecting the radon levels to insure the air your family is breathing is safe.  Whatever the level of service you opt for isn’t it time you spend the same effort and money maintaining your largest investment as you do your car?

If you are just purchasing or your home has not been looked at you may want to consider a full home inspection in the Boone area so that we can look at every little detail.