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What To Do Before During And After A Home Inspection

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The home buying process can be tricky and in most cases, to ensure that buyers are making the right choice of property, they often employ the services of Asheville home inspection experts to handle their home inspection needs. However, in most cases, especially for first time home buyers, there is the need to understand what to do before and after a home inspection.

Below is some of the information needed to help new homebuyers.

What is a home inspection?

A home inspection is done after a buyer has made an offer on a house for sale and it has been accepted. A home inspection often times comes in between the offer agreement phase and the final documentation and transfer of ownership stage. Following the acceptance of the buyer’s offer, he or she will schedule an appointment with a qualified home inspector whose job is to evaluate and assess the house, systems, structures and appliance within to ensure that they are in great working condition. In the event of problems, malfunctions and other damages needing repairs, the home inspector will cite the instances in the home inspection report. Most often than not, the home inspector looks for damages and malfunctions in key areas of the home such as plumbing, electrical, heating and air conditioning, major appliances in the home such as the fridge, dishwasher, oven, washer, and dryer and home structure.

The inspector, during the inspection process, will walk through the home and put on systems and appliances in the home to ensure that it is correctly working order and note the major red flags. Following the inspection of the entire home, the inspector will make a report on the state of the home including the structure, appliances, and system.

How much does a home inspection cost?

A home inspection’s cost differs based on different factors. However, the cost is ranged between $300-$600.

How long will a home inspection take?

The duration of a home inspection depends on a number of factors including attention to details, size of the home and more. Most often than not, depending on the state of the property, a home inspection can take anywhere between an hour and six hours.

Before the home inspection:

Prior to the home inspection, there is the need to conduct proper research into the best home inspection company to hire to conduct the detailed inspection. Several homebuyers are advised to consult with family and friends who have worked with home inspectors in the past for recommendations. In the event you are moving to a new neighborhood, you can speak to your realtor for possible suggestions regarding the best home inspectors to choose from.

During the inspection:

During the inspection process, it is advisable to be on the ground and ensure that all areas of the home are checked. Attending the home inspection process on the due date also allows you to notice some of the possible damages and errors which you may have skipped on during the staging process. The home inspector should also be able to walk you through some of the appliances and systems in the home and give suggestions on the best practices and best ways to maintain them.

Ask Questions During the Inspection

During the inspection process, there is the need to get the best of your money’s worth by asking questions where you fail to understand the operations of the home’s system. During the home inspection process, be sure to inquire about how bad the damages to the house is and what should be done. In some cases, seeking recommendations from the home inspector can also help you make a solid decision.

Some of the questions you should ask during the home inspection process include:

  • What should be done to damages noted within the home?
  • Ask the inspector for what needs fixing in the home
  • Ask the home inspector to show you the operation and working of systems in the home, they should be well known to give a step-by-step guide.
  • Ask how much time is left for the roof, and other installations in the home as this can help you calculate the additional costs that would go into the home.

After the Inspection

Following the home inspection process, it is important that you obtain the inspection report and make sure to use it in your final decision-making process. It is recommended that you read through the inspection report before making your final decision on whether to take the property, re-negotiate the price or dump it altogether.

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