Real Estate Agents Need To Talk

Real Estate Agents Need To Talk To One Another!

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Real Estate Agents Need To Talk

Real Estate Agents Need To Talk To One Another!

As a buyer’s agent, you have an immense amount of responsibility; from writing the first Offer To Purchase, to closing the deal, there are a number of items that you must accomplish to ensure a smooth transaction. One of those items is helping your client select a home inspector and getting the best results from that home inspection.

Regardless of Who Your Clients Hire, Do These Two Things

Once the home inspection is scheduled, make sure you clearly communicate the following to the listing agent or the seller:

  • Inspection is scheduled for this date and time…
  • Make sure that they understand that the home inspector can not move personal property. This means if there is a scuttle hole access for the attic in a closet, that all personal items are removed so that the inspector can get in the attic. If the circuit breaker box is behind a piece of furniture, then move the furniture. These are just a couple of items that come up all the time, but there are others…

If the house is ready for the home inspector, your clients will get a better home inspection report and could save a costly re-inspection fee!


Inspector Support Network

At MTS Inspections We Want To Help With The Communication!!!

All our scheduling is done online using ISN, this system allows for the client or their agent to schedule the home inspection at their leisure. One great feature of the system is that not only does it collect all the pertinent information for the home inspection, but it allows for the user to input not only the Buyer’s Agent information but also the Listing Agent’s information.  Once we have this information, our system automatically communicates with all parties to let them know the details of the upcoming inspection as well as sending out reminders as the date nears.

5 Star Review

We Are A 5 STAR Rated Company On Google

Because, not only do we provide the most thorough and accurate inspections in the market, but we strive to make the process as easy and as accessible as possible.

We Want Your Client’s Business

We want all your client’s home inspection business! That is why we go the extra mile and provide additional services and online features to make the process as smooth as it can be.  While at the same time providing the most highly skilled inspectors, with the deepest construction knowledge of any company in the home inspections industry.  Find out why we are the highest rated inspections company in the market by using us for your next inspection.

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