Our New Home Inspections Video Marketing Campaign Has Begun

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Say Hello To Mountains To Sea Inspections

As a home inspections company in both the Asheville NC and Boone NC markets we had a pretty good year last year. However, we know it can better if we can figure out how to get our message out to more people.
Having tried constant contact and other means of delivering our message last year we decided to try something new, video marketing. So, over the course of this year we are going to be adding some video marketing snippets to our traditional way of contacting clients and agents alike.

Video and marketing go together like peanut butter and jelly. Ramona Sukhraj - impactbnd.com

So, here is the first of what will be many videos this year. They will have a 2 prong approach. One, expanding our name recognition as being the go to company in both Asheville and Boone when it comes to home inspection services. Two, as a means of providing promotional messages and coupons for our home inspection company’s inspection services and other services that we will be developing throughout the year. We hope you enjoy the videos and look forward to seeing you at the next home inspection.