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Roof Inspections - MTS Inspections

An Asheville Home Inspection Must Include the Roof

At Mountains To Sea Inspections, one of the most frequently asked home inspections questions we get is what inspections are performed on the roof. Its a very valid question, water damage and roof replacements are expensive and can be very disruptive.

I feel that one of the reasons there is so much anxiety over roofs, is most homeowners, home buyers and real estate agents can not see and touch the surface so there is the unknown factor before your home inspector in Asheville gets on the roof. With the cost of a roof replacement costing many $$$ thousands, if not $$$10's of thousands, this home inspection report item weights heavily on everyone.

What the NC Licensing Board Has to Say

Here is what the NC Home Inspectors Licensure Board has to say on the subject:

(a) The home inspector shall inspect:
(1) Roof coverings;
(2) Roof drainage systems;
(3) Flashings;
(4) Skylights, chimneys, and roof penetrations; and
(5) Signs of leaks or abnormal condensation on building components.

(b) The home inspector shall:
(1) Describe the type of roof covering materials; and
(2) Report the methods used to inspect the roofing.

(c) The home inspector is not required to:
(1) Walk on the roofing; or
(2) Inspect attached accessories including solar systems, antennae, and light arrestors.

At Mountains To Sea Inspections, all of our licensed NC home inspectors decide for themselves if the conditions of the roof are safe enough to allow for the walking of any roof surface. By roof condition we mean how far is the roof off the ground? What pitch or how steep is the roof surface? Is the roof surface newer or old and brittle? and how is the weather? If our home inspector feels that it is safe we encourage them to get on the roof and walk the surface.

Every home inspection report gets a thorough inspection of the attic, roof framing, electrical wiring, insulation, ventilation and the roof sheeting, assuming that there is access. Remember, the state of North Carolina will not allow our inspectors to deconstruct anything as part of the inspection process. We are limited to inspecting what is visible and accessible. So, as you can see we still inspect most aspects of the roof even if we can not walk the roof.


A Healthy Home Starts at the Roof

All home inspectors in Asheville realize that the roof is what shields the home's interior finishes and mechanical systems, but at MTS Inspections we insist that the roof inspection be as thorough and as in depth as can be safely provided. That is why at Mountains To Sea Inspections we always say, "Your Biggest Investment, Deserves The Best Inspection"