Home Inspections Are Not Always Sunny…

livninavl Inspectors Corner

As a home inspector in Asheville, I am hired to review and inspect properties that are 9 out of 10 times that are under contract to be purchased.  We are hired by the buyer a high percentage of the time and are generally referred to that client by their real estate agent or friend.  Most of the time, home inspections go ok.  However, there are those times when the inspection discovers serious flaws and the deal is placed in jeopardy.  I hate it when this happens.

While at an inspection with clients they are always walking around taking measurements and planning their future at their new home and they are happy.  Most of the agents are happy because they have done their job of finding the right home, negotiating the right price and closing is near.  Then comes the home inspection report and that happiness turns to not so happy.  Now the clients are wanting to back out or renegotiate and the real estate agent’s job is not nearly as complete as they once thought.  As an inspector, I hate these moments, but it is an inherent part of being a home inspector because not all homes are without flaws.  In fact, most homes have flaws, but some of them are deal killers.  However, as a home builder I know that anything and everything can be fixed, but sometimes with a great expense.

When I entered into doing home inspections I thought, “Wow, this is great work! The hours are great and I love looking at homes.”  What I did not foresee, was the moments when I feel awful about having to deliver the bad news to clients that their shiny new home is not so shiny underneath.  I know it is my job and I have been paid to discover the issues that may be hidden, but it still is not always the best feeling to know that you have hit the reset button for everyone involved and that they must start over to find their next dream home.