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Asheville Home Inspections Are Not Always Sunny – 2 BIG Ideas to Make Them Better

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Back a couple of years ago I first posted about the fact that Asheville home inspectors do not always have beautiful homes to look at. It can be found here: Home Inspections Are Not Always Sunny

Now that I have several more years under my belt I thought I would provide an update on my thoughts on this subject.

Asheville Home Inspectors - Requirements for Better Communication

Better Communication

The State of North Carolina realized early on that many of the complaints they received from home inspection customers was directly related to vague statements in the inspection report. Items might be pointed out in the report, but the importance of this item was never truly disclosed. This lead to many misunderstandings between Asheville home inspectors and their clients.

Report Writing Requirements for Home Inspectors - NC Licensing Board for Home Inspectors

The licensing board for home inspectors in North Carolina had started compiling a top 5 list of the complaints they had received and recently produced a list of the “TOP 5” Home Inspection Contract & Report NCHILB Standards of Practice Compliance Problems noted in Complaint Investigations and New Licensee Report Audits. Coming in at #4 on this list was the failure of home inspectors to use the new report writing format of DDID.

  • Describe

    Describe the component of system and state how the condition is defective

  • Defective

    Explain the consequences of the condition.

  • Implications

    What effect does this defective component have the home.

  • Direct

    Recommend a course of action for client.

The State realized, as did many of the home inspectors, that homes are always going to have their problems, but those problems need not result in conflict between the home inspector and the client. Through better report writing and clearer direction for the clients, many of the complaints could be removed because even though the house may not be great the client’s understanding of the issues was vastly improved.

Home Maintenance Inspections Asheville NC

The second item I’ve noticed over the years is that so much of the damage that we as home inspectors in Asheville see could be avoided through proper maintenance of the home by the homeowner. At Mountains to Sea Inspections, we offer an annual home maintenance inspection contract to help homeowners stay on top of the maintenance of their home and to avoid costly repairs or equipment failure. Here are the top 5 trouble areas that can end up costing BIG $$$$’s.


Top 5 Home Maintenance Inspection Tips

Roof Inspection

A periodic inspection of the roof covering and the roof structure can prevent costly leaks which can lead to massive damage.

Landscaping & Grading Inspection

Over time the backfill around a home can settle and create areas where water is trapped against a home’s foundation. This trapped water ultimately will find its way into the interior of your home’s foundation and can cause a number of issues related to high moisture content, most notably mold and fungal development.

Mechanical Inspections

Which system uses the most energy in your home? The heating & Cooling system! The problem is most homeowners never give a second thought to this system until it breaks.  A well-maintained HVAC system not only runs more efficiently, but it runs longer. As part of your annual home maintenance inspection, we can arrange to have your HVAC system professionally serviced by a licensed technician.

Wood Destroying Insect Inspection

The costs from an undetected pest infestation can be devastating. Catching this activity can greatly reduce the treatment costs and reduce the amount of damage that these pests can do. We can have your home professionally inspected by a licensed technician as part of your annual home maintenance inspection. Here is an extensive article about wood-destroying insects that we published last year.

Electrical Inspection

When was the last time you checked your GFCI plugs? When was the last time you actually checked to see if your smoke detectors were functioning properly? This and many other life-threatening issues will be examined as part of your annual maintenance inspection.

Home Inspections - Mountains to Sea Inspections

So Much Can Be Done To Make Sure Your Next Inspection Sunny

Is every home inspection going to great? No, but as you can see through better communication many problems areas can be properly identified and remedied.  We also see that through proper home maintenance inspections many items can be addressed before they show up on a home inspection report or cause problems.