5 Reasons Why Newly Constructed Homes Also Need Home Inspection Before Buying

livninavl Inspectors Corner

Buying your own house takes years of effort, savings, and planning. Home is one of the most valuable investments of your life, and buying it is no less than a dream. From deciding the location, size, area, flooring to smaller details like the color for the house, it is a tough task to find your dream home, but once you do, you want to finalize the deal as early as possible. And in that excitement, you tend to make mistakes and ignore crucial home inspection points. Even a newly constructed home is not fully fault-less. No matter if it is an under-construction property or a ready-to-move in house, it’s essential to get a home inspection done. Get a complete home inspection by a licensed home inspector before finalizing your buying decision because builders may not share all the information from a neutral ground. So, here are the 5 key reasons why newly constructed homes also need a home inspection before buying:

1. Construction Issues – Many people, such as builders, architects, contractors, subcontractors, and construction workers, come together to build a home, and this leaves chance some misalignments during the construction process. Various activities are happening simultaneously, which makes it extremely difficult for the builder to monitor everything closely. Plus, they are not emotionally attached to the property, and may cut corners in places you didn’t want them to. They can also miss something from a sub- contractors list, that would be addressed in your home inspection report. There are so many factors that have to be thoroughly checked such as:

● Electrical Inspection
● Structural Inspection
● Proper Appliance Operation
● Roof Inspection
● Radon Gas Testing
● HVAC System Inspection

There are many other aspects that a professional home inspection company would take care of, such as grading & vegetation, pest inspections (in North Carolina, new construction pest treatments are required when building), and others. Everything has to be well inspected to ensure there are no problems in the house. These little precautions before buying a new home will help you a lot. It saves you from the hassle and complexities that may arise later if left unchecked.

2. Local building code inspections are not always exhaustive – While most local authorities do check the construction and other such frameworks as per their own code compliance guidelines, it may not be enough. Hence to be fully inspected, a professional may be required because there are many factors beyond builders’ control that local code enforcement inspectors usually do not include in their inspection.

3. Detect and fix the problem early on – Imagine moving into a house only to face regular problems after a while. In North Carolina, there is a one year builder’s warranty, and a home inspection can help address issues early on for your builder to correct, and you get your complete peace of mind.

4. Safety – Home inspection not only gives homeowners peace of mind but ensures their safety as well. That’s why you should never compromise on the fundamentals of a property. Experts recommend having a home inspection and taking precautionary measures, to secure your home. You will find many trusted home inspections companies in your area.

5. Adds value at the time of resale – Having all the certifications in place increases the value of your house. By ensuring proper inspection, you can enjoy a comparatively better valuation of your property at the time of sale, because the next buyer won’t have to worry about these fundamentals in the first place.

These 5 reasons are enough to opt for a home inspection before buying a home. At Mountains To Sea Inspections, we have 100’s of items on our checklist that we examine for our clients during a home inspection. You can speak to one of our experts to know more!